By Jake Spencer
Marketing Communications
Barolin & Spencer
ACC Board Member


Ten years ago, it felt like we had reached a new high point in terms of marketing capabilities. SEO and SEM jumped onto the radar of online retailers and one of the most common phrases heard among younger generations was, ‘Add me on Facebook!’. Digital Media Marketing was quickly becoming THE most important facet in advertising, marketing, and sales activities for most companies. The landscape was ever changing and most of us were simply trying to keep our heads above water in this new medium, not to mention trying to convince executives of the importance of digital marketing and the need for robust budgets.

While a decade has passed, marketers are still dealing with the same seismic shifts in technology, trends, and market forces. These new marketing frontiers simply mean that we have to continue to do what we have always done: adapt and overcome. Here are a few new trends in digital marketing that will certainly not be outdated in a years time.


1. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.

In case you missed the memo, everyone is on their phone, all the time. Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic a few years back, but the gap is becoming Grand Canyon big and growing. Companies that are not developing mobile friendly websites, advertising, customer support, and communications are truly stuck in the Dark Ages. Digital Marketing is always a catch-up game, but at the bare minimum, mobile must be king.


2. We’re pivoting to video.

With the proliferation of social media, video has become the absolute best digital marketing tool available to marketers. Engaging video does more to capture consumers’ attention than static images or copy and can be easily shared to increase overall impressions. Plus, ephemeral content like Snapchat or Instagram Stories is here one minute and gone the next, so consumers feel like they have to tune in, or miss out. It’s an incredible tool to help build a brand and promote a message.


3. Be a person, not a brand.

Facebook has been in hot water as of late, with their business practices being called in to question. In response, Facebook has taken action to show users more content that is engaging and will create discussion amongst people. Gone are the days where a Facebook post could contain an image and marketing message. If your content does not generate discussion and engagement, it won’t be delivered to as many people as it could be. Take time to craft messages that people will comment on and respond in turn as an actual human being, not as a nameless brand-robot spitting out corporate mantras.

The best way to keep up with trends in digital media marketing is to recognize the trends as they are happening, determine whether or not they make sense for your business, and always have a cohesive strategy online. We are all trying to keep our heads above water, but in the process, we might learn to swim pretty well one day.