Code of Ethics

Recognizing the value of professional communications skills, principles and ideals which prevail in the automotive industry, and understanding the substantial loss that would be experienced if these values were compromised or discarded, the members of the Automotive Communications Council hereby voluntarily subscribe in full to this Code of Ethics. The code shall apply to member advertising, communications, promotional materials, press releases and packaging:

Truth in Advertising

All statements regarding performance, content, services and process of products shall clearly convey accurate information. Misleading copy such as implied performance benefits which cannot be fully realized by all users shall not be presented. Specific product claims shall be supported by pre-existing documentation based on valid board test as required by law. This performance data shall be available on request.



All testimonial statements shall be genuine and accurately present the customer’s thoughts. Quotations shall not be made out of context which alter the thought. Each testimonial shall be supported by properly authorized release maintained on file and available on request.

“Good Taste”

Advertising messages and graphics shall be presented in “good taste,” eliminating profanity, vulgarity, nudity and degrading materials. Every effort shall be made to keep all copy and graphics in harmony with the moral standards acceptable to the personnel in our market and their families, keeping in mind that our mailings and trade advertisements go into our customers’ homes. We shall avoid the portrayal of persons or groups in any manner which demean them.

Contests and Promotions

Promotions and contests shall be conducted fairly, giving all participants an equal opportunity to benefit, and all the announced prizes shall be awarded. The rules and procedures shall comply with all pertinent laws and regulations paying particular attention to statutes and postal regulations dealing with lotteries.

Competitive Statements

We shall refrain from all unfair or disparaging remarks against competitive products. All comparisons of competitive products will be made on a fair basis with pre-existing documentation available to support the facts presented.

Industry Support

We shall support all the programs of our industry consistent with individual company policies and shall contribute wherever possible to the general improvement of our market. When dealing with problems such as safety and ecology, we will do in a manner that is complimentary to our industry and the people who serve it.