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“The networking element of ACC membership is extremely valuable to me. The ACC has introduced me to other automotive industry marketing professionals in a setting (annual conference) that allows us to comfortably share our challenges and successes and learn from each other.  I have always learned something new at the conferences, and I especially enjoy the technicians’ panel discussions.  They have provided great insight into what types of marketing are mostly likely to appeal to these customers and ultimately be the most successful.”

Dori Ahart

Marketing Manager, CRC Industries

“The annual ACC conference is consistently an educational and entertaining event, blending the best of group discussions, informational presentations, unique group activities and great networking opportunities.  I’d highly recommend the conference not anyone in the Automotive Aftermarket industry, from newbies to the time-tested experts!  There’s something for everyone!”

Sara Longardner

Communications Manager

“I was asked to speak at the annual ACC Conference, and as soon as it was over, I knew I needed to become a full time member. Coming from the agency side of the aftermarket business, being able to collaborate and learn from marketing and communications professionals on the industry side of the business has been invaluable. Membership in the ACC is an incredible tool to help us innovate our business and stay on top of industry trends.”

“As an industry newcomer, the ACC has been the perfect place for me to get my foot in the door and begin to build a network of contacts. It can be daunting to break into an industry this massive, but ACC continually offers a uniquely welcoming and encouraging (female friendly!) environment with a fantastic mix of generations and experience levels.”

Abby Harding

Marketing Manager

Your competition is likely attending the annual ACC conference and gaining critical and insightful knowledge into your market, customers, and prospects, if you are not attending the conference, you are playing from behind!

Jacki Lutz

Head of Global Communications, Training and Ecommerce, Aftermarket, Sensata Technologies

“Building connections across the industry in the same field as you is completely invaluable. Over the past years I’ve been able to use the network I’ve built through ACC to help me break through walls and drive better decisions for my organization. I’ve found nothing that compares to ACC.”

Meagan Moody

Communications Manager

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Join ACC

Welcome to the Automotive Communications Council (ACC), a forum for learning and professional development focused on current and emerging marketing practices, and the longest-running organization in the auto care industry.   Along with the opportunities and benefits that membership provides, we believe you will find the programs and activities innovative and a reflection of the shared interests and ideas of the membership.

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