By Monika LaPrete, ACC Board Member
Marketing Communications Director, CRP Industries Inc.

Every marketer wants to make a meaningful connection with their target audience.  But how exactly do you “Connect and Hold ‘Em”?  Once you make the connection does it drive further engagement?  Was it memorable?    Remember to “speak” to your audience. Who are they?  Use references they can relate to, tell them a story they want to hear or learn more about.  Stories are how humans remember best.  Find those differentiating nuggets that set you apart from your competition and tell that story.

Build brand advocates with:

CLARITY – Strong brands are clear about what they are and what they are not.

CONSISTENCY – Strong brands are consistent, they are always what they say they are.

CONSTANCY – Strong brands are constant, they are always there for their customers.

Last but not least, how does your audience want to connect?  Understanding who your target audience is and whether or not they are changing is important to your marketing contact strategy. Connect and interact with a medium they are comfortable with, whether it be social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or forums, blogs, email, direct mail, print or video.   Trial and error will determine your best mix.

And don’t forget to make it easy for your target audience to do business with you as that is how you’ll hold ‘em!