by Al Haberstroh
Chief Strategy Officer
MontAd Media

You’re running a digital ad campaign for head light capsules. Which creative message to a consumer do you think will generate better results? “See better at night” ” or “Your Fusion’s lights are dim”?

The personalized ad will probably win. Ads with creative messages personalized to the specific people targeted are, on average, 3 times more effective then generalized ads. The process of deploying different ads to different people during the same campaign is called dynamic ad deployment. Unlike static ads, dynamic ads are deployed in real time based on pre-programed variables. Technology enables this tactic but access to relevant data makes it possible.

In the head light example above targeting the consumer by vehicle model requires a substantial investment in vehicle ownership data. There are other ways to use dynamic ads that are not so expensive and utilize data readily available from many digital ad service companies and data marketing agencies. For example, you can use third party data to find DIY consumers who are also avid Chicago Bears fans. You can then target them with dynamic event feed based ads right after a game that references the Bears victory and ties it to your brand.

Geo targeting is another way to utilize dynamic ads. We’re currently running a mobile campaign deploying dynamic ads that give DIY consumer their precise distance from an auto parts retail location along with a compelling offer to drive them to the store.

The data to precisely target both consumers and repair professionals is available even for smaller campaigns. The marriage of that data to technologies that allow for dynamic ad deployment takes a lot of planning and work. That’s the greatest impediment to smaller companies utilizing the tactic. The extra time and effort, however, will pay out with increased ROI from marketing campaigns.