By Kristin Libby
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc.
ACC Board Member

The old adage still rings true – Content is King.  Most companies today are still trying to figure out a content marketing strategy for their business units. Mobile and native advertising are still the most widely used areas for most content marketing programs as consumer use is growing daily.  The key to it all will be staying consistent and relevant while growing customer engagement.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple have all reported spending significant dollars on original content.  So what should you be doing to promote your brand?  Start creating original content to continue building a trusted and loyal audience while buying additional relevant content to round out your content marketing strategy.

Looking at the marketing crystal ball, what do we see?  The future of marketing will be to become a profit center instead of being seen as a liability (which consistently has its budget reduced).  In order for marketing to become a self-sustaining entity, companies will need to build and monetize multiple audience groups – all with custom content.  It will be difficult to change executives perspectives, but we as marketers just need to “Spin It” in order to face our brave new world.