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Automotive Communications Council Launches the Prestigious ACC IMPACT Award: Call for Nominations Now Open

March 13, 2024 – The Automotive Communications Council (ACC), a cornerstone in the automotive marketing and communications industry, is proud to announce the launch of the prestigious ACC IMPACT Award. This distinguished award recognizes and honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication in the automotive communications sector.

The ACC IMPACT Award, an acronym for Innovation, Mentorship, Professionalism, Achievement, Commitment, and Tenacity, seeks to celebrate those who have excelled in their professional endeavors and significantly contributed to the advancement of the automotive communications industry.

Shawn Collins, the current ACC Board President, expressed his enthusiasm for the new initiative: “The ACC IMPACT Award is more than a recognition; it’s a celebration of the invincible spirit that drives our industry forward. It’s about acknowledging the remarkable individuals whose contributions have shaped their organizations and left a memorable mark on the entire automotive communications landscape.”

Nomination Process

ACC invites nominations from its esteemed members and the broader automotive industry community. The award is open to all individuals in the Automotive Industry who have showcased strong leadership skills, multiplied their insights into others, exhibited immense dedication to their craft, and received recognition from their peers and the industry as a whole.

Nominations can be submitted through the ACC website until April 30, 2024. The selection committee, comprising respected ACC members, will review the nominations and announce the finalists on May 10, 2024.

Criteria for the IMPACT Award

The ACC IMPACT Award will be bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies the following:

  • Innovation: Pioneering new ideas and approaches within the automotive marketing and communications sphere.
  • Mentorship: Actively sharing knowledge and expertise, fostering the growth and development of others in the field.
  • Professionalism: Upholding the highest standards of integrity and excellence in their work.
  • Achievement: Receiving recognition from peers and the industry for outstanding contributions and accomplishments.
  • Commitment: Demonstrating unwavering dedication and passion for the automotive communications field.
  • Tenacity: Exhibiting resilience and the drive to overcome challenges, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

“We are excited to see the nominations and hear the inspiring stories of individuals who have truly made an IMPACT. This award is a testament to the creativity, resilience, and visionary thinking that characterize our industry,” added Shawn Collins.

The recipient of the ACC IMPACT Award will be honored at the President’s Breakfast during the ACC 2024 Annual Conference, scheduled for May 21-23, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland At The Arcade.

Please visit for more information about the IMPACT Award, the nomination process, and the ACC 2024 Annual Conference.

About the Automotive Communications Council (ACC)

The Automotive Communications Council is the oldest continuously operating council in the automotive aftermarket. Founded in 1941, ACC has fostered a community of marketing and communications professionals dedicated to sharing ideas, strategies, and insights in the automotive aftermarket industry. With a commitment to professional development, innovation, and excellence, ACC continues to shape the future of automotive communications.

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