Tampa culture-inspired event unveiled increased membership and engagement for the independent council

Edwards, MO – May 18, 2016– The Automotive Communications Council (ACC) successfully combined education, history and cultural experiences at its 2016 annual conference, held April 19-21 in Tampa, Florida. The event sold out several weeks prior to the event with the highest attendance since the council became independent. This year’s annual conference included keynote automotive and marketing tactic speakers. The conference also included a guided tour at the historic Yuengling Brewery, discussing their unique distribution strategy and marketing tactics.

The event created an open environment for mentoring, networking and the chance to experience local history and culture. The dynamic speakers and dedicated members made for a valuable, memorable event that delivered real take-aways for the attendees.

During the full two-day event, a dozen speakers provided insights and tips and tricks for daily pain points of marketing professionals. Highlighted topics from this year’s conference included programmatic buying, search engine optimization and media integration. A yearly favorite, the shop owner panel, comprised of four shop owners from the Tamp area, provided members with a Q&A opportunity, allowing attendees direct access with those making buying decisions. Unique and memorable networking events were also organized by the meeting and events track to encourage mentoring and provided an opportunity for new members to make new connections.

A trip down memory lane took the conference participants through the history of the longest running automotive aftermarket council. Attendees witnessed how membership and the council structure has evolved and changed during the years, ending with a look at the independent council of today. The council, uniquely operated by its membership, demonstrated the success accomplished over the past two years with increased membership, implementation of a new leadership structure and a highly attended and sold-out conference. The achieved success was made possible by the dedicated volunteer members of the council.